The Spa at Hamilton Foot Care provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy a luxurious escape from the everyday bustle.

All services are custom designed by our doctor to exceed the highest standards in safety and sterility. Our hand-picked spa products provide the ultimate in skin and nail care.

All spa treatments are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and are 100% diabetic friendly. Your feet and spirit will be rejuvenated!

Spa Essentials Sit back and relax. Enjoy a rejuvenating jacuzzi foot soak to stimulate circulation, followed by nail filing, and a light leg and foot massage with moisturizing cream. An expert polish application will complete your visit, and the bottle of OPI® polish is yours to keep!

Pamper My Feet You’ll enjoy a warm and cleansing foot soak. Next, you’ll receive an exfoliating scrub that will soften your skin, followed by hot, steamy towels to enhance your experience while nails are filed and buffed to perfection. The best is yet to come with a moisturizing, lower leg massage.Your choice of polish application is the perfect ending to this blissful session. A complimentary Bottle of OPI® polish is included!

A Gentleman’s Fancy A therapeutic session to aid in good foot health. Special attention is given to softening rough skin, grooming the nails. Whirlpool jets help stimulate circulation in the feet and lower legs. Gentleman enjoy an extended massage.

Doctor’s Orders Removal of painful calluses and cutting thickened and deformed nails by Dr. Seidel. A soothing jetted-soak is followed by an exfoliated foot and leg rub. Hot, steamy towels enhance your experience. An exhilarating foot and lower leg massage comes next, conditioning the skin as it soothes the muscles. Catch some Z’s during this luxury session. Your choice of polish application is the perfect ending to this blissful session and the bottle of OPI® polish is yours to keep.

My Foot Facial This is our Pamper My Feet package with the addition of a warm paraffin dip of both feet to lock in moisture and give you the softest skin. Enjoy the ultimate pampering experience as your joint pain and muscles aches melt away. You’ll also receive a complimentary Bottle of OPI® polish.

Changing Times Tired feet are rejuvenated with a foot massage followed by polish change.


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​KeryFlex is a safe in-office toenail application that restores the appearance of a patient’s natural nails after damage caused by fungus, trauma or anything else. Once applied, you can apply nail polish right over it!